Maker : Maxtreme Reference : 525 Availablity : Available Packaging: 25mcg (100 tablets) Substance: Liothyronine (T3)


T3-Max-25 In France

Losing weight and having a lean body with beautiful, well-defined muscles is the dream of many of us. Athletes are looking for such physical condition. Our online store offers for sale a very effective steroid that will help you get rid of superfluous layers of fat, the T3-Max-25!. The first significant results will appear at the end of your first cycle. You can get rid of your fat stores and dry your body to get an amazing physique. These drugs are most often used in bodybuilding and athletics.

the T3-Max-25 is a more effective drug than its sports counterparts with the same properties and much safer.

What is T3-Max-25?

This product is based on an artificial thyroid hormone. For this reason, the drug is almost completely safe because the body perceives it as a natural compound. Its main active ingredient is Liothyronine.

The effects of taking this medicine:

  • Body fat begins to be burned much more efficiently. During the cycle, it will generate an increase in heat production and body temperature. Due to these processes, subcutaneous fat is burned more efficiently.
  • You have less appetite and your metabolism is accelerated. All food eaten will be absorbed faster.
  • You have more energy and will need less time to sleep (only 8-9 hours required per day). In addition, intense workouts will be much less taxing.
  • Improved mood and better resistance to external factors and stress.
  • Improvement of your general condition.The heart, blood vessels, liver and kidneys will work better.

You will see the results from the first day of using this medicine. During your cycle, its effect develops and becomes even more powerful.

How to take T3-Max-25?

You must fully comply with all rules and instructions for its administration. In case of violation or non-following of these rules, undesirable effects may occur. The drug should be taken with caution. It is best to start with small doses and gradually increase them daily to the recommended dosage.

The minimum daily dose is 25 mcg and the maximum dose is around 100 mcg. The cycle can last up to 6 weeks.

In addition to liothyronine, other drugs are used to increase the effectiveness of this drug. Steroids are often used in combination with this one.

The side effects

Exceeding the dosage or the duration of administration can lead to problems with the nervous system, the thyroid gland and the heart. A disturbance in the production of thyroid-stimulating hormones is also possible. Too long-term use of the drug can create not only side effects, but also affect your tolerance to its composition.

To avoid adverse effects, you must carefully select the dosage and length of your cycle. It is important to consider the current physical condition of your body and your experience with taking such medications. If you need advice on the best way to use the T3 for sale on our store, you can contact our customer support team at any time.


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